DIY Exhaust Hood

I figured out a simple solution to a complex problem. We recently added a Liechenberg machine to our little hobby shop. That’s where the complex problem began. SMOKE! and lots of it. For those of you that don’t know what a Liechenberg machine is, well you will have to wait on another post, that is a whole ‘nother’ story!
Now back to the smoke problem. We needed a vent hood and needed one before this little machine could be made functional.
I already had a blower and motor assembly. I had planned to use for my central vac system but it turned out to be too small for the job. It was a perfect fit for my, much-needed, smoke vent hood. I though about purchasing a range hood vent but would not be using the blower/motor assembly that would come with it. A friend of mine told me about one he made using a 55 gal oil drum. That caused my thinking cap to light up! A oil drum sounded too heavy for me so what about I use a 55 gal plastic drum.
I am enclosing a photo of my finished product. Didn’t think it would require any DIY plans since it would be easy to see how I cut it out after seeing the photo.
Ready to be mounted on a wall hook up to your vacuum and pump the smoke out!


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