Legend of the Wood Spirit

The Legend of the Wood Spirit originated in Europe from villagers who made long journeys through the forest. On calm days when the wind lays low, there is a sense of peace and tranquility in the forest. On days when storms are brewing and winds are blowing, the trees of the forest make sounds of moaning and sighing as though voices can be heard from spirits within. For centuries people believed the forests to be filled with mystical spirits and that those who dared to enter would earn the wrath of the spirits.

Thus, the Legend of the Wood Spirit began.

During the 15th century, they believed that when the men went into the woods to hu and didn’t return, that they had been taken by the evil spirits. They also believed that the tree spirits were the most powerful of all spirits and were good and wise. They believed that the tree spirits would protect them from evil. So before they would venture into the woods to hu, they would knock on the tree to awaken the sleeping spirit to protect them. This is where we get the saying “Knock on Wood” or Tough Wood”.

Wise travelers assured their safety by carving Wood Spirit images on walking sticks or pieces of wood and bark. These carvings appeased the spirits. The traveler was allowed to enter and leave the forest without difficulty.

Catching a glimpse of one of these elusive creatures is said to be a lucky thing, for if you are fortunate enough to actually see one, your health, happiness and good fortune are guaranteed.

Wood Spirits are still being carved into pieces of wood and are often given as gifts. The Wood Spirit should be given a special place within the home in order for its presence to bring wisdom, prosperity, humor, good health and good luck to all that live there. Any house which is home to a Wood Spirit will stand protected and be blessed.

The Legend of the Wood Spirit lives on!

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