Making your own Walking Stick

If you like walking through a park, hiking in the woods or just plain walking anywhere, then you may want to consider a Walking Stick. A walking stick will improve your balance and can get your arms more involved with your walk. It can also be handy to move small obstructions along the way. It can be especially beneficial for clearing brush from your path. If you plan to make a walking stick yourself, it can deliver a bit of pride as well as benefits.

I have made many types of Walking Sticks throughout my life, using a wide variety of woods, and now offer a wide variety for sale on this website. I will offer now some of the more important things to consider if you plan on making your own.

First of all, Consider your Safety. Chose a wood that is known for its strength. Your choice of wood for your project should be strong and durable and easy to work with. Remember, the harder the wood, the harder to work with (carving, cutting, etc.). I suggest using a medium-hard wood for the beginner, such as Cheery, Black Walnut or Maple. Hickory and Oak can be a good choice, with Hickory being a little on the heavy side and Oak being a little on the splintery side. Black Locust is among the strongest possible choices and resistant to decay. While Honey Locust is not very strong and has sharp thorns. Persimmon is often used because of its strength but is also heavy and susceptible to decay. A little research before making your choice of wood will go along way.

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