Wizzard Wood Spirit Root Cane


A Handcarved Wizzard Wood Spirit is placed below the upper end of the handle of this walking stick and can be seen in photos.   It is made from the main root of a sumac tree. 

This cane is approximately 36″ tall and can be adjusted shorter if requested.  A heavy-duty rubber end cap is installed on the end and my official signature (artist initials) is carved on the backside.

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This Wizzard Wood Spirit Root Cane is made from the main root of a sumac tree and its main trunk.  A Wizzard Wood Spirit Root Cane is carved below the handle facing the front of the Cane.  The artist’s initials are carved on the backside.
A heavy-duty rubber end cap is installed on the bottom end and It has the artist’s initials carved somewhere on the backside.  This hand-carved Wizzard Wood Spirit Root Cane is truly one of a kind.  It will make a great gift for anyone that needs that little extra support while shopping and doing other necessities or just taking a stylish stroll through the park.

Walking canes are an important tool for those with limited mobility, and especially seniors. Canes significantly improve seniors’ balance and gait, and reduce the risk of falling. Walking canes come in different styles and materials, so the best walking canes for seniors may vary according to an individual’s characteristics and preference. 

The “Wood Spirit” or “Tree Spirit” is a traditional wood carving style dating back to the Middle Ages in Europe. Legend has it that if a tree’s spirit were to reveal itself to you, good fortune would follow if you brought it to your home.

All sticks used in the process of making Root Canes on this website have been collected somewhere in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.  My best friend and beautiful wife have had a hand in most of the collecting and finishing.

Each stick we collect is subject to our 10 step process:

  1. Cut to a carriable length to fit in the mode of transportation
  2. The moisture level is tested and dried to 10% upon arrival at our shop.
  3. After drying, we trim-the-stick of any unwanted protrusions and cut and taper to the final length and shape.
  4. 220 grit sandpaper is used overall.
  5. The artwork is drawn on the surface.
  6. Carving is started and finished.
  7. 400 grit sandpaper is used overall.
  8. A minimum of three (3) coats of polyurethane are applied after paints or stains.
  9. The stick is then taken back to a wooded area to see how it feels and looks in its natural habitat.
  10. It is then christened a “Root Cane” and ever to be called as such.

Only after these 10 steps, The “Root Cane” is put up for sale on Ozark Arts & Crafts.

The overall average length for canes in the USA is 36″.  Thus, we have established 36″ +/- 1″ for all canes offered on this site.  The plus or minus we added will depend on how the Root Cane is measured. (Sometimes the Sumac root points a down and other times you find them down)

Our Root Canes average weight is 22 ounces.

Because we only offer standard sizes, while searching for Root Cane materials, we look for Sumac Trees that are no more than 2″ thick at the bottom.  They should have a trunk somewhere between 40 and 50 inches long.  We also scrutinize their respective shapes, maybe a little Crooked or Twisted or could be Extremely Straight.  We found these criteria are the best for the overall “Artistic Look” that is in our finished products. 

Caring for you Walking Stick –
After use clean with a damp cloth and follow up with furniture polish on a rag.  This will help seal any scratches that may have occurred during your outing.

All orders are shipped FREE (to the lower 48 States) from Dexter, Missouri, USA. We also ship (FLAT RATE) to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and the UK. A Tracking number is always provided Shipping times and exact cost, if any, will be calculated in your Cart and on the Checkout page.
At the end of the year before Christmas additional delays may occur.

PLEASE NOTE:  Colors may vary slightly from what you see in the photos, although the stick you see in the photo is what you will be purchasing.

You are welcome to Contact Me with any questions about this item.

Disclaimer:  Our Walking Sticks have not been officially strength tested, although, we personally test them all before it leaves the shop.  The manner and how Walking Sticks may be used is beyond our control, therefore, we sell our Walking Sticks as novelty items only and make NO claims certifying the amount of weight they may support.  It is up to the buyer to determine how they will be used.


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