Refund/Exchange Policy

Our Refund/Exchange Policy is here to provide you with peace of mind whenever you make a purchase from Ozark Arts and Crafts. We want you to have a great experience with us, but if you have an issue, we have a Stated Policy in place to help make things right.  No Exchanges are permitted, only Refunds will be considered.   Within this policy “Purchaser” and “Buyer” may be used interchangeably and “Ozark Arts and Crafts” and “Seller” may be used interchangeably.

Purchaser is entitled for a Refund under the following situations:

  • If an item is not received by the Buyer within 14 days after the Seller confirms the order (Exception: Allow extra 14 days during Holiday seasons).
  • Item damaged or significantly different than described. 
  • Item was damaged during shipping
  • Item is missing major parts, and this wasn’t disclosed
  • Item condition was different than described
  • Item is a different version or edition than what was displayed for purchase
  • Item is completely different from what was ordered

The following items and situations are not covered by our Refund Policy:

  • Purchaser remorse
  • Items where the exchange of the purchased item happens in-person
  • Orders that have already been refunded or charged back by the Purchaser bank
  • Damage that occurs to items after they are delivered

Refunds and Returns:

  • You should first contact the seller to resolve your issue with a purchase.  The seller has 3 business days to respond to you and attempt to resolve your issue.
  • Follow the seller’s instructions for returning the delivered item.
  • You must file a claim within 3 days (72 hours) from the date of delivery of your purchased product.  If you never received your item, you must wait 14 days after the last order confirmation from the seller.
  • If we approve the buyer’s claim, in some situations, Ozark Arts & Crafts may offer a partial refund, otherwise the refunded amount will include the full price of the item, tax, plus shipping fees. Decisions on claims are made in our sole discretion.

 Reasons your claim could be denied under this policy include:

  • The item received was the same as described by the seller in your purchase.
  • The claim was filed due to buyer’s remorse
  • The item was received and the seller verified the delivery of the product
  • You disputed the transaction with the bank that issued your credit or debit card
  • You didn’t submit sufficient evidence requested by Ozark Arts and Crafts to support your claim

 Refund Policy Abuse

If you file fraudulent claims for purchases made on Ozark Arts & Crafts, we may disable your ability to make future purchases or ban your account.

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