The Elusive Wood Spirit

From the first time that Trees gathered together in one spot to create a forest, there have been the Elusive Wood Spirit. At first, they danced all night and came to rest during the day. The Wood Spirits became very elusive when people first started taking walks through the woods. They became so elusive that soon people could only feel their presence, especially at night. Through the years they have remained hidden, seldom seen, and rarely ever spotted.
They are well known to be protectors of those who are righteous and to bring wrath upon those who are not. If you ever see one you are truly a lucky one indeed and will be blessed with happiness and good fortune for the rest of your life. So, the next time you find yourself walking through the woods, listen carefully. When the wind blows you may hear one whisper or groan.
So keep a keen eye out and hopefully, you will be one of the lucky few that spots one. It has always been my belief that there is at least one wood spirit in every tree. All you have to do is believe strong enough and it will show itself. You may do that by carving one for yourself from a branch collected during your walk or you may purchase one from our shop to enjoy and share in your home.

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