Wonderful World of Wood Carving

Wonderful World of Wood Carving is for those who have always been interested in wood carving but were too afraid to try. If interested, now is the time to delve into this fascinating craft. The fun and enjoyment you will have is certain to outweigh your apprehensions. The best advice I can give to those who always wanted to whittle/carve is to start by watching YouTube videos. That’s what I did before I ever dreamed I could do it.

You are probably interested or you would not be reading this article. Read the rest of this short blog, then open YouTube in your browser and type in “wood carving for the beginner.” Whichever vid you choose, it is important to not be overwhelmed after watching a few. If after watching at least three, you still find the idea of carving something you would like to try, welcome to the world of Wood Carving!
You will find many different niches, just continue watching videos until you discover which niche suits you best.

You will soon discover that a few specialty tools will be necessary and could get expensive in a hurry! Not so, at least to get started and see if it is really something you will enjoy. An old pocket knife is enough to get you started. Harbor Freight will provide you with a cheap set of carving tools for under $20. Keep in mind, any tool used for carving should be sharp. Safety must be your first consideration. YouTube videos will help with that also. Also, remember, and this is no Myth, a dull tool will cut you quicker than a sharp one. The first investment in your tools need not and should not be expensive. Let your quality of tools grow with your skills is my best advice here.

As you improve your skills, your love for wood carving will grow. You may soon be another victim of the wonderful world of wood carving!

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